B P Gopalika IAS Biography, Wikipedia, Date of Birth, Full Name

B P Gopalika IAS Biography, Wikipedia, Date of Birth, Full Name

B P Gopalika IAS Biography, Wikipedia, Date of Birth, Full Name – Bhagwati Prasad Gopalika, an IAS officer from the 1989 batch, has taken the helm as the new Chief Secretary of West Bengal. This transition occurred as the previous Chief Secretary, HK Dwivedi, concluded his tenure on December 31.

B P Gopalika IAS Biography, Wikipedia, Date of Birth, Full Name
B P Gopalika IAS Biography, Wikipedia, Date of Birth, Full Name

The announcement regarding Gopalika’s new role was made during a recent Cabinet meeting by West Bengal’s Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee. She declared that Gopalika would assume office following the retirement of HK Dwivedi.

Gopalika brings with him a wealth of experience gained through diverse roles within the government. He has served in several significant capacities, including stints in the transport, animal resources development, and personnel and administrative reforms departments, holding positions as secretary.

B P Gopalika IAS Biography:

Full NameBhagwati Prasad Gopalika
IAS Batch1989
Current PositionChief Secretary, West Bengal
Previous PositionsVarious roles in transport, animal resources development, and personnel and administrative reforms departments
Key AchievementsNotable contributions to the transport sector, innovative strategies in animal resources development, and systemic improvements in administrative reforms
Transition DateAssumed office as Chief Secretary after the retirement of HK Dwivedi on December 31

B P Gopalika IAS Background & Professional Journey:

Starting his journey in the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) in 1989, Bhagwati Prasad Gopalika has traversed through various domains, displaying adeptness and competence in each role he undertook. His contributions have been notable, especially in the transport sector, where his initiatives led to substantial improvements.

His tenure in the animal resources development department was marked by innovative strategies to enhance the sector’s efficiency and sustainability. Gopalika’s involvement in personnel and administrative reforms further underscored his commitment to systemic improvement within the bureaucratic framework.

B P Gopalika IAS Transition in Leadership:

The succession of leadership from HK Dwivedi to Bhagwati Prasad Gopalika marks a pivotal moment in the administrative landscape of West Bengal. Gopalika’s experience and track record are anticipated to steer the state’s administration towards continued progress and efficiency.

B P Gopalika IAS Nandini Chakraborty: New Home Secretary

In another significant development, Nandini Chakraborty, an IAS officer, has been appointed as the Home Secretary of the West Bengal government. Notably, she becomes the second female officer to hold this crucial position in the state, following in the footsteps of Lina Chakraborty.

Nandini Chakraborty’s previous tenure as the Principal Secretary to the Bengal Governor showcased her expertise in handling critical responsibilities. Her appointment as the Home Secretary underscores the state government’s commitment to promoting capable and accomplished individuals to key positions.

B P Gopalika IAS Roles and Responsibilities:

As the Home Secretary, Nandini Chakraborty shoulders the vital responsibility of overseeing and managing various aspects of the state’s internal affairs. Her role encompasses critical facets such as law enforcement, public safety, and coordination among different administrative bodies.

B P Gopalika IAS Social Media:

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B P Gopalika IAS Biography, Wikipedia, Date of Birth, Full Name


The transitions in leadership within the West Bengal government, with Bhagwati Prasad Gopalika assuming the role of Chief Secretary and Nandini Chakraborty as the new Home Secretary, mark a significant phase in the state’s administrative framework. These appointments reflect a commitment to capable governance and the empowerment of proficient individuals to drive the state’s progress and welfare.

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Who is the chief advisor to the chief minister?

The Chief Secretary takes on the crucial role of being the primary advisor to the Chief Minister on all matters related to state administration. Usually, the Chief Secretary is the most senior IAS officer from the senior-most batch in the state.

Who was the first chief minister in West Bengal?

The first Chief Minister of West Bengal was Prafulla Chandra Ghosh from the Indian National Congress (INC) party. This marked the beginning of a succession of eight Chief Ministers, with Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy formally assuming the role in 1948.

Who is the most senior IAS officer in India?

The top position among IAS officers is held by the Cabinet Secretary. This role is the most senior cadre post in the Indian Administrative Service, ranking eleventh on the Indian order of precedence. The Cabinet Secretary operates directly under the guidance of the Prime Minister.

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