Sheetal Devi Archer Biography, Instagram, Wikipedia, Age, Story, Twitter

Sheetal Devi Archer Biography, Instagram, Wikipedia, Age, Story, Twitter

Sheetal Devi Archer Biography, Instagram, Wikipedia, Age, Story, Twitter – Sheetal Devi, the trailblazing Indian para-archer, has shattered barriers and made history with her remarkable journey in the world of archery. Born in 2007 in the modest village of Loi Dhar, Kishtwar, Jammu & Kashmir, Sheetal faced the challenge of being born without arms. However, her story is not one of limitations but of triumph over adversity. This is a glimpse into the extraordinary life of a young woman who became the world’s first female armless archer.

Sheetal Devi Archer Biography, Instagram, Wikipedia, Age, Story, Twitter
Sheetal Devi Archer Biography, Instagram, Wikipedia, Age, Story, Twitter

Sheetal Devi Archer Biography:

Full NameSheetal Devi
Date of Birth2007
Age16 years old
BirthplaceJammu and Kashmir, India
Height5 feet 5 inches
Weight50 kg
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack
Archery DebutNovember 2022, Junior National Archery Championship
International DebutMay 2023, Czech Republic Para Event
CoachKuldeep Vedwan
Modified BowOperated with feet and chest, customized to suit Sheetal’s unique needs
Family BackgroundChristian household
ParentsConrand Gerard (Father), Jen Gerard (Mother)
SiblingsThree older brothers, two younger brothers, one younger sister
ResidenceCleveland, Ohio, USA
Education10th grade in 2022
Net WorthMore than INR 50 lac

Sheetal Devi Archer Early Life & Education:

Sheetal Devi, an inspiring Indian para-archer, was born in 2007 in the quaint village of Loi Dhar, Kishtwar, Jammu & Kashmir. Growing up in a humble household, basic necessities were scarce. Despite being born without arms, Sheetal had an inherent love for learning. However, she faced concerns about her ability to study like other children due to her physical impairment.

Despite these challenges, Sheetal excelled in her academics with unwavering support from her family and friends. Her story took a remarkable turn when Coach Kuldeep Vedwan discovered her potential in 2022. Vedwan, fascinated by her story, invited Sheetal to the Vaishno Devi Shrine Board Archery Academy in Katra, introducing her to the world of archery.

Sheetal Devi Archer Physical Measurements:

Sheetal stands tall at 5 feet 5 inches, defying expectations with every arrow she releases. Despite her physical challenges, her weight is a testament to her strength and determination, maintaining a healthy 50 kg. Her expressive brown eyes reveal the depth of her focus and passion, complemented by her long, flowing black hair that symbolizes the grace with which she approaches her sport.

Height5 feet 5 inches
Weight50 kg
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack

Sheetal Devi Archer Family Background:

Sheetal hails from a Christian household, the daughter of Conrand Gerard and Jen Gerard. Residing in Cleveland, Ohio, the family practices Christianity. Sheetal is the youngest among six siblings, a close-knit family that has been a source of support throughout her journey.

Sheetal Devi Archer Net Worth:

Sheetal’s dedication and success have translated into a net worth exceeding INR 50 lac.

Sheetal Devi Archer Career & Achievements:

Under the guidance of Coach Vedwan, Sheetal was provided with a specially modified bow to suit her unique needs. This bow allowed her to use her feet and chest, showcasing her determination and adaptability. In just six months, Sheetal mastered the art of archery, demonstrating remarkable competence and aptitude. Her incredible desire to compete drove her to participate in various events, marking the beginning of her athletic career.

Sporting Achievements: Sheetal’s journey in competitive archery commenced in November 2022 with the Junior National Archery Championship. Despite her physical challenges, she competed against able-bodied athletes, setting the stage for her remarkable career. She continued to participate in events like the Khelo India Nationals and the Women’s Khelo India Games, achieving notable success.

Her international debut in May 2023 at a para event in the Czech Republic was nothing short of extraordinary. Sheetal secured two silver medals and a bronze, showcasing her exceptional talent and dedication. The Para Archery Championship 2023 further solidified her prowess, where she finished fourth in the compound women’s qualifying round.

Sheetal Devi Archer Social Media:

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Sheetal Devi Archer News:

In a historic moment in 2023, Sheetal Devi became the first female armless archer to compete in the global finals of archery. Her unique approach to archery, using a bow with her feet and chest, not only demonstrated her skill but also inspired many.

Sheetal Devi Archer Facts:

  • Sheetal’s customized bow is operated with her feet and chest, not her hands.
  • Born deaf and blind, Sheetal’s perseverance knows no bounds.
  • She grips her bow with her foot, mirroring the technique of legendary archer Matt Stutzman.
  • Starting her archery journey in 2022, Sheetal earned the distinction of becoming the world’s first female archer without hands.
  • Despite the expanding ranks of archers without hands in 2023, Sheetal remained a standout, ranking 18th in the world for the Compound Women Open, a testament to her dedication and skill.


In the realm of sports, where physical prowess often takes center stage, Sheetal Devi emerges as a beacon of inspiration. Her journey from the humble village of Loi Dhar to the global archery finals is a testament to the human spirit’s indomitable will. Overcoming physical limitations, Sheetal’s story resonates far beyond the archery field, reminding us all that the power to defy limits lies within. As the world’s first female armless archer, Sheetal Devi not only shoots arrows but pierces through preconceived notions, proving that true strength comes from within.

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Who is Sheetal Devi archer?

Sheetal Devi, born in 2007, faced a unique challenge from birth—phocomelia, a rare condition that left her with underdeveloped limbs, particularly her arms. Despite this, Sheetal’s journey in archery has quickly become a headline-grabber by 2023, marking an impressive debut season in the sport.

Who trained Sheetal Devi?

It was the keen observation of Indian army coaches, Abhilasha Chaudhary and Kuldeep Wadhwan, during a youth event that led to Sheetal’s introduction to archery training. Noticing her confidence and potential, they took it upon themselves to guide her. Born without arms due to phocomelia, Sheetal’s coaches played a crucial role in nurturing her talent.

Who was the first armless archer in the world?

Sheetal Devi, the world’s first armless archer, attributes her success to her parents, trainers, and coach Preeti, who introduced her to the world of sports. Despite the challenges posed by her condition, Sheetal’s determination and the support of her mentors have propelled her to achieve unprecedented milestones in the realm of archery.

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