Ramya Krishnan Relationships, Date of Birth, Son, Filmography, Age, Instagram, Family

Ramya Krishnan Relationships, Date of Birth, Son, Filmography, Age, Instagram, Family

Ramya Krishnan Relationships, Date of Birth, Son, Filmography, Age, Instagram, Family – Ramya Krishnan, born on 15th September 1970 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, is a highly acclaimed actress in the Indian film industry. With a career spanning over three decades, she has made significant contributions to the world of cinema. Let’s delve into the various aspects of her life, from her early days to her remarkable achievements.

Ramya Krishnan Bio

Ramya Krishnan Relationships, Date of Birth, Son, Filmography, Age, Instagram, Family
Full NameRamya Krishnan
Also Known AsRamya Krishna (In Telugu and Kannada Film Industries)
Date of Birth15th September 1970
Years Active1985 to Present
BirthplaceChennai, Tamil Nadu
Age52 Years
Parents– Father: Krishnan
– Mother: Maaya
Siblings– Sister: Vinaya Krishnan
Ramya Krishnan Relationships, Date of Birth, Son, Filmography, Age, Instagram, Family

Ramya Krishnan Early Life and Education

Ramya Krishnan was born into a Hindu family to her parents Krishnan and Maaya. She grew up alongside her sister, Vinaya Krishnan. However, details about her early education and schooling are not known. What is known is that she embarked on her acting journey at a tender age of 13.

Ramya Krishnan Personal Life

Ramya Krishnan is a private individual when it comes to her personal life. She got married to Pasupuleti Krishna Vamsi, a renowned director, on 12th June 2003. The couple has a son named Ritwik, who adds joy to their family.

Salary and Earnings

Reports suggest that Ramya Krishnan’s salary per film ranges from Rs. 3-4 crores. Additionally, she earns a significant amount through endorsements and brand deals. Her annual income is estimated to be Rs. 12 crores, showcasing her financial success in the entertainment industry.

Ramya Krishnan Personal Life and Family

In her personal life, Ramya Krishnan shares a close bond with her family. Her marriage to director Pasupuleti Krishna Vamsi has been a source of joy, and their son Ritwik adds to the warmth of their household.

Ramya Krishnan Net Worth and Recognition

Ramya Krishnan’s net worth is estimated to be $12 million or 98 Crore Rupees approximately. Her success is not only measured in monetary terms but also in the numerous awards she has received for her outstanding performances.

Ramya Krishnan Relationships, Date of Birth, Son, Filmography, Age, Instagram, Family

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Ramya Krishnan Relationships, Date of Birth, Son, Filmography, Age, Instagram, Family

Acting Career Beginnings

Ramya Krishnan made her debut in the film industry with the Tamil movie “Vellai Manasu” in 1983. Her talents quickly gained recognition, leading to roles in other regional films such as “Kanchu Kagada” (Telugu, 1984), “Pushpaka Vimana” (Kannada, 1987), “Neram Pularumbol” (Malayalam, 1986), and “Dayavan” (Bollywood, 1988).

Television Stardom

In addition to her success on the big screen, Ramya Krishnan made a mark on television with her role in “Shaktimaan” (1997-2005). Her portrayal of Shaliyaa in this iconic TV show further expanded her popularity across different audience demographics.

Multilingual Talent

Ramya Krishnan’s versatility shines through as she has acted in various languages, including Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Hindi. Her ability to seamlessly transition between different film industries speaks volumes about her acting prowess.

Dancing Enthusiast

Beyond her acting career, Ramya Krishnan is a trained dancer in Bharathanatyam, Western, and Kuchipudi forms. Her passion for dancing is evident in her performances on and off the screen.

Career Highlights

Ramya Krishnan’s career reached new heights when she took on the role of Sivagami in the blockbuster “Baahubali: The Beginning” (2015) and its sequel “Baahubali: The Conclusion” (2017). Her portrayal of the strong and regal character earned her widespread acclaim and recognition.

Facts and Trivia

  • Ramya Krishnan started her acting journey at the age of 13 with the Tamil film “Vellai Manasu” in 1983.
  • She ventured into Bollywood in the 90s, working with notable actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, and Sanjay Dutt.
  • Ramya Krishnan has been trained in Bharathanatyam, Western, and Kuchipudi dance forms.
  • Jayalalithaa (Politician) and Cho Ramaswamy (Comedian) serve as her inspirations.
  • She judged the reality show “Jodi Number One” in 2006, showcasing her versatility beyond acting.

Role in Baahubali Series

Interestingly, Sridevi was initially approached for the role of Sivagami in the Baahubali series. However, due to financial constraints, the director, S.S. Rajamouli, turned to Ramya Krishnan, who flawlessly embodied the character. This role catapulted her to new heights of fame and established her as a powerhouse performer.

Television Appearances

Ramya Krishnan has extended her talents to the small screen, judging the reality show “Jodi Number One” in 2006 and appearing in various other shows like “Thangam,” “Rajakumari,” and “Queen,” a Tamil web series where she portrayed J. Jayalalithaa.

Ramya Krishnan Relationships, Date of Birth, Son, Filmography, Age, Instagram, Family

Wealth and Achievements

Ramya Krishnan’s acting career has not only brought her fame but also substantial wealth. She is considered one of the highest-paid actresses in the Indian film industry. Her ability to seamlessly switch between movies and television has contributed to her sustained success.

Filmography and Notable Projects

Ramya Krishnan’s filmography is extensive, with over 200 films to her credit. Some of her notable projects include “Padayappa,” “Rajakali Amman,” and the Tamil film “Jailer,” which she is currently working on.

Impact on Indian Cinema

Ramya Krishnan’s contributions to Indian cinema go beyond her acting skills. Her sense of style, lifestyle, and versatility have made her an inspiration for many aspiring actors. Her performances have earned her three Nandi Awards, Filmfare Awards, and a Tamil Nadu State Film Award Special Prize.

Recognition and Awards

Ramya Krishnan’s talent has been recognized with numerous awards, including Best Actress at the Nandi Awards in 1998 and the Tamil Nadu State Film Awards Special Prize in 1999. Her role as Sivagami in “Baahubali” earned her the Best Actor in a Negative Role award at the 3rd South Indian International Movie Awards in 2015.


In conclusion, Ramya Krishnan stands as a stalwart in the Indian film industry, leaving an indelible mark with her performances. From her humble beginnings to her role in the grandeur of “Baahubali,” she has showcased her talent, versatility, and resilience. Ramya Krishnan remains an inspiration for aspiring actors and continues to contribute significantly to the world of cinema.

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Is Ramya Krishnan Tamil or Telugu?

Ramya Krishnan is of Tamil origins. She is a versatile Indian actress who has worked in various film industries, including Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Hindi.

Who is the husband of Ramya Krishnan?

Ramya Krishnan’s husband is Telugu film director Krishna Vamsi. They got married on 12th June 2003, and the couple has a son named Ritwik.

How many movies has Ramya Krishnan acted in?

Ramya Krishnan has showcased her acting prowess in over 260 films across different Indian languages, including Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, and Hindi. Her extensive filmography highlights her versatility and contribution to the Indian film industry.

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