Masaba Gupta Father Name, Wikipedia, First Husband, Who is, Store

Masaba Gupta Father Name, Wikipedia, First Husband, Who is, Store

Masaba Gupta Father Name, Wikipedia, First Husband, Who is, Store – Masaba Gupta, a prominent figure in the world of fashion, has made a mark not only for her design acumen but also for her intriguing life journey. Born on November 1, 1989, in Delhi, India, Masaba is renowned as the daughter of the legendary cricketer, Viv Richards. Her life is a tapestry of diverse experiences, from her early struggles to her current stature as a successful fashion designer.

Masaba Gupta Father Name, Wikipedia, First Husband, Who is, Store
Masaba Gupta Father Name, Wikipedia, First Husband, Who is, Store

Masaba Gupta Biography:

Full NameMasaba Gupta
ProfessionFashion Designer
Famous ForBeing the daughter of cricket legend Viv Richards
Date of BirthNovember 1, 1989
BirthplaceDelhi, India
Zodiac SignScorpio
EducationDegree in Apparel Manufacture and Design
College/UniversityShreemati Nathibai Damodar Thackersey Women’s University, Mumbai, India
HobbiesTennis, Music, Dancing
FamilyFather: Viv Richards; Mother: Neena Gupta

Masaba Gupta Early Life:

Growing up in Mumbai, Masaba’s childhood was not without its challenges. Born out of an extramarital affair between her parents, Indian actress Neena Gupta and West Indian cricketer Viv Richards, Masaba faced the spotlight from a young age. Thick and curly hair became a source of mockery, contributing to a difficult upbringing. Despite these hurdles, she found her confidence and resilience, eventually becoming a prominent name in the fashion industry.

Masaba Gupta Physical Measurements:

Masaba stands at a height of approximately 163 cm (5′ 4″), with striking black eyes and hair, adding to her distinctive presence. Her physical attributes contribute to the poise and elegance that define her public persona.

Height163 cm / 1.63 m / 5′ 4″
Weight60 Kgs
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack

Masaba Gupta Education Qualification:

Masaba pursued her education with a degree in Apparel Manufacture and Design from Shreemati Nathibai Damodar Thackersey Women’s University in Mumbai, India. Additionally, she explored her passion for music and dance at a college in London, although she later opted out.

Masaba Gupta Family Background:

Masaba’s family background is a blend of cricketing royalty and Bollywood fame. Her father, Viv Richards, is a cricket legend, while her mother, Neena Gupta, is a renowned Indian actress. Despite not marrying, Masaba’s parents maintained a good relationship. Raised in this unique family dynamic, Masaba developed a distinctive perspective on life.

Masaba Gupta Personal Life:

First Husband
First Husband

In the realm of personal relationships, Masaba has experienced both marriage and divorce. Her first marriage, in 2015, was to Madhu Mantena, a film producer and entrepreneur, but it ended in divorce in 2019. In January 2023, Masaba entered into her second marriage with Satyadeep Misra. This facet of her life reflects the complex journey she navigated in pursuit of personal happiness.

Masaba Gupta Relationship Status:

Second Husband
Second Husband

Masaba Gupta’s relationship status has been a subject of public interest. Having experienced the highs and lows of matrimony, Masaba went through her first marriage with Madhu Mantena, a film producer and entrepreneur, in 2015. Unfortunately, the union ended in divorce in March 2019. However, Masaba embraced a second chance at marital bliss, tying the knot with Satyadeep Misra on January 27, 2023. These personal endeavors reflect the complexities of her journey, where resilience and the pursuit of happiness take center stage.

Masaba Gupta Net Worth:

Masaba’s professional journey has been as noteworthy as her personal one. As the entrepreneur, chameleon, and founder of The House of Masaba, she has diversified her identity, recently adding actress to her portfolio. Her net worth is estimated at around $9 million or approximately Rs 65 crores, attributed to the success of her fashion house, partnerships, and forays into acting.

Masaba Gupta Controversy:

Not immune to public scrutiny, Masaba faced controversy when she supported the Supreme Court ban on firecrackers during Diwali. Trolls targeted her, labeling her as ‘an illegitimate West Indian.’ This episode shed light on the challenges public figures face when expressing opinions on social issues.

Masaba Gupta Career Beginnings:

Masaba’s career trajectory is a fascinating journey from a 19-year-old participant at Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai, supported by Wendell Rodricks, to representing India in an exhibit showcasing re-designs of Levi’s iconic trucker jacket in 2017. She is recognized as the first Indian designer to conduct an Instagram show, with 60% of her sales happening through WhatsApp.

Masaba Gupta Social Media:

InstagramClick Here
FacebookClick Here
TwitterClick Here

Masaba Gupta Awards:

  • Business Excellence & Innovative Best Practices (2019): Masaba received this prestigious award from former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, recognizing her contributions to the fashion industry. The accolade highlighted her innovative approach and commitment to excellence.
  • Representation at Levi’s Trucker Jacket Exhibit (2017): Masaba’s inclusion in an exhibit showcasing re-designs of Levi’s iconic trucker jacket marked a significant milestone in her career, demonstrating her creative prowess on an international platform.
  • Pioneering Instagram Show (Year Not Specified): As the first Indian designer to conduct a fashion show on Instagram, Masaba broke new ground in the industry, utilizing social media to reach a global audience.
  • Upcoming Netflix Show – ‘Masaba Masaba’ (2020): Although not an award per se, Masaba’s venture into the world of acting with her Netflix show adds another dimension to her career. The show provides a candid look into her life, revealing her journey from a girl next door to a renowned fashion designer.

Masaba Gupta Facts:

  • Birth and Family Background: Masaba’s birth, a result of an extramarital affair, drew media attention. Despite this unconventional start, her relationship with both parents remains positive.
  • Mental Health Struggles: Masaba faced mental health challenges during her childhood, grappling with the negative attention that came with her parents’ fame. Overcoming these difficulties, she regained confidence and became a successful fashion entrepreneur.
  • Beyonce Fan: A huge fan of Beyonce, Masaba not only idolizes her but also aspires to meet her, listing it at the top of her bucket list.
  • Alternate Career Choice: Masaba revealed that if she hadn’t become a fashion designer, she would have pursued a career in an advertising agency, showcasing her versatility and creative aspirations.
  • Upcoming Netflix Show: As Masaba gears up for her Netflix show, ‘Masaba Masaba,’ her journey from a girl next door to India’s beloved designer is set to unfold. The show offers a candid glimpse into her life, with support and excitement from her mother, Neena Gupta.


In conclusion, Masaba Gupta’s life unfolds as a captivating narrative of resilience, creativity, and personal growth. From her unconventional beginnings to becoming a trailblazing fashion designer, Masaba’s journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of her passions and a commitment to breaking stereotypes. Her personal challenges, including a tumultuous childhood and public scrutiny, only fueled her determination to rise above adversity. As she navigated the complexities of relationships, both in marriage and beyond, Masaba emerged stronger, embodying the spirit of transformation. With a string of accolades and pioneering achievements in the fashion industry, Masaba Gupta stands not only as an icon of style but as an inspiration for those who dare to embrace their uniqueness. Her upcoming Netflix show promises to unveil more layers of her compelling story, ensuring that Masaba’s influence extends beyond the fashion runway into the hearts of those who appreciate authenticity and perseverance.

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Who is Masaba Gupta’s first husband?

Masaba Gupta’s first husband is Madhu Mantena. They were married for two years before getting divorced. Masaba initially wanted to live with Madhu without formalizing the marriage, but her mother, Neena Gupta, suggested they should get married.

How many stores does Masaba Gupta have?

Masaba Gupta currently owns and operates more than 10 stores across India. These stores serve as outlets for her fashion designs, making her creations accessible to a wide audience within the country.

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