Piyush Joshi Vlogs Birthday Date, Age, Instagram, Wikipedia, Net Worth

Piyush Joshi Vlogs Birthday Date, Age, Instagram, Wikipedia, Net Worth

Piyush Joshi Vlogs Birthday Date, Age, Instagram, Wikipedia, Net Worth – Piyush Joshi, a prominent Vlogger, Gamer, and Social Media Influencer, has carved his niche in the dynamic world of online content creation. Born in 2010 in Cheltenham, Uttarakhand, India, Piyush’s journey into the digital realm has been fueled by his passion for gaming and vlogging since childhood.

Piyush Joshi Bio

Piyush Joshi Vlogs Birthday Date, Age, Instagram, Wikipedia, Net Worth
Full NamePiyush Joshi
Nick NamePiyush
Date of Birth2010 (Approximate)
Age 13 Years
Zodiac SignVirgo
Birth PlaceCheltenham, Uttarakhand, India
Home TownCheltenham, Uttarakhand, India
Current CityHaldwani, Uttarakhand, India
Piyush Joshi Vlogs Birthday Date, Age, Instagram, Wikipedia, Net Worth

Piyush Joshi Early Life and Education

At the tender age of 12, Piyush is currently pursuing his education at a local school in Haldwani, Uttarakhand, India. The specifics of the grade he is enrolled in remain undisclosed, a testament to his focus on both academics and his burgeoning career.

Piyush Joshi Family Ties

Piyush hails from a family deeply rooted in the world of content creation. His brother, Sourav Joshi, stands as India’s most popular Vlogger and YouTuber. The Joshi family, with father Girish Chandra Joshi, a farmer, and mother Rama Joshi, a homemaker, has become a notable name in the digital landscape.

Piyush Joshi Personal Details

Piyush, standing at 4.2 feet and weighing 42 kg, embodies the spirit of a young and dynamic creator. With captivating black eyes and matching hair, he radiates a charisma that resonates with his followers.

Piyush Joshi Net Worth and Income Sources

Piyush’s primary sources of income include Super Chat, YouTube Ads, and Social Media Promotion. Although reports suggest a net worth of 2-3 crores, Piyush himself has not officially disclosed his financial standing.

Piyush Joshi Vlogs Birthday Date, Age, Instagram, Wikipedia, Net Worth

Piyush Joshi Social Media Presence

Apart from YouTube, Piyush actively engages with his audience on Instagram, boasting a substantial following of 7 lakh. His impactful presence on various social media platforms contributes to the virality of his content.

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Piyush Joshi Vlogs Birthday Date, Age, Instagram, Wikipedia, Net Worth

Rise to Stardom

Piyush’s foray into the world of online content creation began with his gaming channel. The channel skyrocketed to success, amassing a staggering one million subscribers on its debut day. The rapid growth owes much to the support and influence of his elder brother, Sourav Joshi, and the engaging content that captivates the audience.

Career Achievements

Piyush’s professional journey encompasses roles as a Vlogger, Gamer, and Social Media Influencer. His YouTube channel, ‘Piyush Joshi Gaming,’ boasts an impressive four million subscribers as of now, a testament to the widespread appeal of his content.

YouTube Debut and Success

The inception of Piyush’s YouTube channel dates back to 2022, with his first video titled “1st Video Mein hi Popat Hogya,” released on January 4, 2022. The video garnered immense attention, reaching around 13 million views. Piyush’s earlier experience in vlogging on his brother Sourav Joshi’s channel significantly contributed to his initial success.

Financial Overview

While Piyush’s exact income remains speculative, sources suggest an average monthly income of around 5k USD, translating to approximately 3.7 lakhs in Indian Rupees. The annual income is estimated to be around 60k USD, equivalent to about 44 lakhs in Indian Rupees. These figures, however, should be approached with caution, as actual earnings might vary.

Awards and Recognition

The young content creator has notched several achievements, including receiving the Silver Play Button and Gold Play Button from YouTube on the same day. Additional awards add to his growing collection, further solidifying his position in the digital landscape.

Personal Preferences

In the realm of favorites, Piyush leans towards a simplistic palette with white and black as his preferred colors. His admiration extends to actors Tiger Shroff and Ranveer Singh, actresses Deepika Padukone and Disha Patani, and singers Arijit Singh and Neha Kakkar. A sports enthusiast, Piyush’s favorite cricketer is M.S. Dhoni, and he indulges in hobbies like playing games, cricket, cycling, and vlogging. His culinary inclination leans towards vegetarian fare, with Dubai being a dream destination.

Piyush Joshi Vlogs Birthday Date, Age, Instagram, Wikipedia, Net Worth

Future Prospects

At the age of 12, Piyush remains unmarried, with his focus dedicated to studies and career. Speculation about his future endeavors, including relationships, awaits confirmation from the young influencer himself.


Piyush Joshi’s journey from a gaming enthusiast to a renowned Vlogger and Social Media Influencer underscores the transformative power of passion and dedication. As he continues to capture the hearts of millions with his engaging content, Piyush stands as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring content creators in India and beyond.

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As per estimates from Social Blade, Piyush Joshi’s monthly income ranges approximately between $3,000 and $47,600. Keep in mind that these figures are subject to change based on various factors, and the actual income may vary.

How many siblings does Sourav Joshi have?

Sourav Joshi has two brothers. His siblings are Sahil Joshi and Piyush Joshi. He does not have any sisters, as indicated in his YouTube vlogs and public information.

How many subscribers did Piyush Joshi have?

Piyush Joshi Gaming has 5,057,991 subscribers. This number reflects the real-time statistics on his YouTube channel. Please note that subscriber counts can change over time as the channel continues to grow and gain more followers.

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