Anurag Pathak Wikipedia, Wiki, IPS, Biography, Wife, Profession, Age

Anurag Pathak Wikipedia, Wiki, IPS, Biography, Wife, Profession, Age

Anurag Pathak Wikipedia, Wiki, IPS, Biography, Wife, Profession, Age – Anurag Pathak, a prominent Indian author born on August 5, 1976, in Gwalior, has made significant contributions to Hindi literature. Renowned for his work such as “Whatsapp Par Kranti” and “Twelfth Fail,” Pathak’s journey reflects a passion for storytelling and a commitment to inspiring others.

Anurag Pathak Wikipedia, Wiki, IPS, Biography, Wife, Profession, Age
Anurag Pathak Wikipedia, Wiki, IPS, Biography, Wife, Profession, Age

Anurag Pathak Biography:

Full NameAnurag Pathak
Date of BirthAugust 5, 1976
Place of BirthGwalior, India
EducationM.A. and Ph.D. in Hindi Literature
Debut Work“Whatsapp Par Kranti”
Second Work“Twelfth Fail”
Marital StatusMarried
Current ResidenceIndore, India
Notable PositionDeputy Commissioner (Sales Tax)
Upcoming ProjectLaunching “12th Fail” book with IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma

Anurag Pathak Early Life:

Growing up in Gwalior, Anurag Pathak developed a profound interest in Hindi literature from an early age. His formative years laid the foundation for a career dedicated to exploring the complexities of contemporary society through the lens of storytelling.

Anurag Pathak Physical Measurements:

While details about Anurag Pathak’s physical measurements may not be widely known or emphasized in public discourse, his literary prowess and intellectual contributions take center stage.

Anurag Pathak Education Qualification:

Pathak pursued his academic journey with a focus on Hindi literature. He earned his M.A. and Ph.D. in Hindi Literature from Maharani Laxmibai Arts and Commerce College, Gwalior. This academic background not only showcases his dedication to his craft but also positions him as a scholar in the realm of Hindi literature.

Anurag Pathak Family Background:

Anurag Pathak’s family background played a crucial role in shaping his values and outlook. While specific details about his family might be limited, it’s evident that the support and influence of his family have been instrumental in his personal and professional life.

Anurag Pathak Personal Life:

Anurag Pathak is a married man and currently resides in Indore with his family. Though details about his personal life may not be extensively publicized, his commitment to family life is reflective of the balance he maintains between his professional endeavors and personal relationships.

Anurag Pathak Net Worth:

While the exact figures of Anurag Pathak’s net worth might not be readily available, his contributions to literature, especially with well-received works like “Whatsapp Par Kranti” and “Twelfth Fail,” undoubtedly contribute to his standing in the literary world.

Anurag Pathak Career Beginnings:

Anurag Pathak’s literary career is marked by two significant works. His debut, “Whatsapp Par Kranti,” delves into the impact of social media on contemporary society, receiving acclaim from both readers and critics.

In his second venture, “Twelfth Fail,” Pathak takes a biographical approach, aiming to inspire the youth in India, particularly those grappling with the fear of exam failures.

Anurag Pathak Social Media:

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Anurag Pathak Facts:

Anurag Pathak’s literary endeavors are not only confined to storytelling but also extend to his association with Manoj Kumar Sharma, the Deputy Commissioner (Sales Tax). Together, they are set to launch a book titled “12th Fail,” a work that aims to motivate students by drawing inspiration from Sharma’s own journey.


In conclusion, Anurag Pathak’s journey from Gwalior to becoming a notable figure in Hindi literature exemplifies the power of storytelling to inspire and uplift. His commitment to exploring contemporary themes and motivating the youth through his works, particularly “Twelfth Fail,” showcases a unique blend of literary talent and a sense of social responsibility. As he continues to contribute to the world of literature, Anurag Pathak remains a significant figure, weaving narratives that resonate with readers and leave a lasting impact on the cultural landscape.

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Certainly! ’12th Fail’ is not just a movie but a portrayal of real-life experiences. Helmed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra and starring Vikrant, the film revolves around the lives of UPSC aspirants. It delves into the challenges faced by millions of students as they strive to crack the UPSC entrance exam.

Is Anurag Pathak friend of Manoj Kumar Sharma?

Absolutely! Anurag Pathak, who wrote the book ’12th Fail,’ is a close friend of Manoj Kumar Sharma. In addition to being friends, Pathak, witnessing Sharma’s dedication to woo Shraddha Joshi, advised him to prioritize his studies over pursuing a romantic relationship. This highlights the genuine concern and camaraderie between the two friends.

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