Lakha Sidhana Wikipedia, Biography, Wiki, Gangster, Who Is, Age, Wife, House, Death, Caste

Lakha Sidhana Wikipedia, Biography, Wiki, Gangster, Who Is, Age, Wife, House, Death, Caste

Lakha Sidhana Wikipedia, Biography, Wiki, Gangster, Who Is, Age, Wife, House, Death, Caste – Lakha Sidhana, formerly known as Lakhbir Singh, is a name that resonates in the realms of both crime and sports. Born on June 23, 1985, in Sadhana Village, Bathinda, Punjab, his life has taken intriguing twists, evolving from a skilled Kabaddi player to a figure of notoriety in the criminal underworld. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into Lakha Sidhana’s biography, career, family, and the intriguing transformation that led him from the shadows to the forefront of social and political activism.

Lakha Sidhana Bio

Lakha Sidhana Wikipedia, Biography, Wiki, Gangster, Who Is, Age, Wife, House, Death, Caste
Full NameLakhveer Singh
ProfessionSocial Worker and Politician
Marital StatusMarried
ChildrenAzaad Singh and Punjab Singh
Wife NameNot Known
Age37 years old
Date of BirthJune 23, 1985
Birth PlaceSadhana Village, Bathinda Punjab

Lakha Sidhana Early Life

Lakha Sidhana’s journey commenced in Sadhana Village, where he was born as Lakhbir Singh on June 23, 1985. Early on, he showcased a passion for sports, particularly Kabaddi, harboring dreams of a career as a sportsperson. However, the trajectory of his life took an unexpected turn during his college years, leading him into a shadowy world of illegal activities.

Lakha Sidhana Education

Lakha Sidhana, despite his tumultuous past, pursued education and obtained an M.A. in Urdu and M.A. in Punjabi Literature from TP D Malwa University College, Rampura Phul. His political career took a surprising turn as he entered the arena of Punjab politics, winning elections and earning a significant number of votes. His association with various politicians and his role as a social worker added layers to his enigmatic personality.

High SchoolLocal High School
CollegeDAV College, Bhatinda
TP D Malwa University College, Rampura Phul
QualificationB.A. (Bachelor of Arts)
M.A. in Urdu
M.A. in Punjabi Literature

Lakha Sidhana Measurement

Lakha Sidhana, born on June 23, 1985, stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches and weighs around 80 kg. With an energetic personality, Lakha possesses black eyes and hair. His exact body measurements are undisclosed. Born in Sadhana Village, Bathinda, Punjab, Lakha follows Sikhism and holds Indian nationality. Despite his past involvement in illegal activities, he has transitioned into social work and politics, actively participating in the farmer protests of 2021.

Height5 feet 11 inches
Weight80 kg
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack

Lakha Sidhana Relationship

Lakha Sidhana’s family background includes his father, whose name is yet to be disclosed, and his mother, whose details remain private. He shares his roots with a sibling named Deep Sidhu. Despite being known for his criminal past, Lakha Sidhana’s personal life and relationships have largely remained veiled in secrecy. Reports suggest that he is married, but details about his wife remain unknown.

FatherNot Known
MotherNot Known
SiblingsDeep Sidhu
Lakha Sidhana Wikipedia, Biography, Wiki, Gangster, Who Is, Age, Wife, House, Death, Caste

Lakha Sidhana Net Worth

Lakha Sidhana’s net worth stands at 1.5 Crore Indian Rupees. This financial revelation comes as a surprise, considering his transition from a criminal to a social worker and politician. His lifestyle and career shift have been marked by controversies, but his success in the political arena indicates a significant change in trajectory.

Lakha Sidhana Social Media Presence

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Career and Controversy

Lakha Sidhana’s involvement in illegal activities resulted in numerous criminal cases, including charges of murder and kidnapping. He adopted the pseudonym Lakha Sidhana after leaving his village, stepping into a life that saw him become a well-known figure in the criminal underworld of Punjab. His criminal exploits gained attention, but it was his transformation from a lawbreaker to a social worker and politician that turned heads.

Lakha Sidhana Wikipedia, Biography, Wiki, Gangster, Who Is, Age, Wife, House, Death, Caste

Social and Political Activism

Lakha Sidhana’s story takes a fascinating turn as he emerges as a key player in the farmer protests of 2021. Despite his past, he becomes a prominent leader in the protests, delivering provocative speeches and actively participating in the movement. His role in the protests sheds light on his evolution from a criminal figure to a social and political activist.

Lesser-Known Facts

  1. Kabaddi Enthusiast: In his school days, Lakha Sidhana showcased his prowess in Kabaddi, revealing a different side to his multifaceted personality.
  2. Association with Deep Sidhu: Reports suggest that Lakha Sidhana and Deep Sidhu, another figure in the farmer protests, share a historical connection, possibly adding a layer of complexity to their involvement in the movement.
  3. Media Controversy: Lakha Sidhana gained media attention in 2018 when he took it upon himself to clean billboards on the public highway, addressing issues related to the Punjabi language.
  4. Limited Online Presence: Unlike many public figures, Lakha Sidhana maintains a relatively low profile on virtual entertainment platforms, with his primary presence found on Facebook.


Lakha Sidhana’s journey from a Kabaddi player to a criminal figure, and eventually to a social worker and politician, is a tale of redemption and transformation. His involvement in the farmer protests and political activism showcases the complexities of his character. While controversies and legal troubles mark his past, Lakha Sidhana’s present reflects a commitment to social causes and political change. The enigmatic personality of Lakha Sidhana continues to captivate public interest, leaving room for further exploration and understanding of his multifaceted life.

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What happened to Lakha Sidhana?

Lakha Sidhana was granted anticipatory bail by a sessions court in Delhi in July 2021. He currently moves from village to village, gathering support for the SSM (referencing the organization or cause).

Was Lakha Sidhana a gangster?

Lakha Sidhana has been associated with a criminal past, being a former Punjab gangster. However, his current activities suggest a shift towards social and political involvement.

What are the cases against Lakha Sidhana?

Lakha Sidhana has nearly two dozen cases registered against him by police in Delhi, Chandigarh, and Punjab. Specific details about these cases, including charges and legal proceedings, are not provided.

Why was Lakha Sidhana temporarily detained at his home?

Lakha Sidhana was temporarily detained at his home in Bathinda after the arrival of police officers. The situation caused tension in Sidhana hamlet, and a significant number of locals gathered at the scene. The reason for his temporary detention is not explicitly mentioned.

What is the background of the case involving Gurvir Singh alias Goldy?

In 2015, Lakha Sidhana made headlines after being accused of murdering Shiromani Akali Dal supporter Gurvir Singh alias Goldy in Rampura Phul, Bathinda district, Punjab. A month-long cat-and-mouse chase ensued, leading to Sidhana’s capture, with the police recovering arms and ammunition from his car.

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