Jasmine Dhunna Wikipedia, Details, Age, Born

Jasmine Dhunna Wikipedia, Details, Age, Born

Jasmine Dhunna Wikipedia, Details, Age, Born – Jasmine Dhunna, also known as Jasmin, made a mark in the Indian film industry with her captivating performances in Hindi films during the late ’70s and ’80s. Born in the early 1960s, her cinematic journey was notable, with her disappearance leaving an enduring mystery. This article delves into the life, career, and enigma surrounding Jasmine Dhunna.

Jasmine Dhunna Biography

Jasmine Dhunna, addressed as Jasmin, was an Indian actress and television personality. She starred in several Hindi films, with her last known appearance in the Ramsay Brothers’ production, “Veerana,” released in 1988. However, after this film, she mysteriously disappeared, leaving her current whereabouts unknown.

Jasmine Dhunna Wikipedia, Details, Age, Born
Full NameJasmine Dhunna
Stage NameJasmin
Date of BirthEarly 1960
Age57-65 years (As of 2023)
Place of BirthIndia
Jasmine Dhunna Wikipedia, Details, Age, Born

Jasmine Dhunna Early Life and Education

Unfortunately, there is little information available regarding Jasmine Dhunna’s early life and education. Her early years remain shrouded in mystery, and this section will be updated as more information becomes available.

Jasmine Dhunna Personal Life

Jasmine Dhunna was known for her private nature, keeping details about her personal life away from the public eye. While rumors suggest she may be married to an Indian man named Rahul Tugnait, the actress herself rarely spoke about her personal affairs. Despite the lack of personal details, she was a highly successful actress before her disappearance.

Jasmine Dhunna Net Worth

Before her disappearance, Jasmine Dhunna had accumulated an estimated net worth of US$350,000, showcasing her success in the entertainment industry.

Jasmine Dhunna Social Media and Filmography

Jasmine Dhunna maintained a private profile, with no known presence on social media platforms. Her filmography includes titles like “Sarkar Mehmaan,” “Divorce,” and the iconic “Veerana.”

Jasmine Dhunna Wikipedia, Details, Age, Born
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Jasmine Dhunna Wikipedia, Details, Age, Born


Jasmine Dhunna enjoyed a successful career in the entertainment industry, appearing in both films and TV shows. Her notable performance in “Veerana” garnered attention, portraying a young girl possessed by an evil spirit. Despite being nominated for an Academy Award, she vanished from the public eye in 1988, and her current status remains unknown.

Veerana (1988)

“Veerana” was a horror classic that immediately captured audiences’ attention. Jasmine Dhunna’s portrayal of a young girl possessed by an evil spirit was both terrifying and attractive. The film, directed and produced by the Ramsay Brothers, revolves around killings and seductions committed by a vengeful spirit. Despite the success of the film, it marked the end of Jasmine Dhunna’s public appearances.

Jasmine Dhunna Wikipedia, Details, Age, Born

Unveiling the Cinematic Journey

Born in the early 1960s, Jasmine Dhunna’s cinematic journey began in 1979 with the Malayalam film “Swapnadanam.” Despite the brevity of her career, she left an indelible mark, especially with her iconic role in “Veerana.”

The Enigma of Disappearance

After a brief appearance in the film “Hatim Tai” (1990), Jasmine Dhunna mysteriously vanished from the entertainment landscape. Speculations abound, with some suggesting she adopted the name Jasmine Bhatia. Allegations surfaced, hinting at unsuitable offers from criminal organizations, potentially prompting her exit from the entertainment industry.

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What was Jasmine’s age when she made her Bollywood debut in 1979?

Jasmin made her debut in Bollywood at the age of 13 in 1979 with the film “Sarkari Mehmaan,” starring Vinod Khanna.

What was the title of Jasmine’s film released in 1984?

In 1984, Jasmine starred in the film “Divorce.”

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