Prashant Kishor Educational Qualification, Wiki, Net Worth, Biography, Prediction, Email ID, Company

Prashant Kishor Educational Qualification, Wiki, Net Worth, Biography, Prediction, Email ID, Company

Prashant Kishor Educational Qualification, Wiki, Net Worth, Biography, Prediction, Email ID, Company – Prashant Kishor, also known as PK, is a prominent figure in Indian politics, renowned for his strategic prowess and contributions to various political campaigns. This comprehensive overview delves into his early life, education, personal life, career, controversies, and current standing in the political landscape.

Prashant Kishor Educational Qualification, Wiki, Net Worth, Biography, Prediction, Email ID, Company
Prashant Kishor Educational Qualification, Wiki, Net Worth, Biography, Prediction, Email ID, Company

Prashant Kishor Biography:

Full NamePrashant Kishor
ProfessionPolitician, Political Strategist, and Tactician
Date of Birth1978
BirthplaceKoran village, Rohtas district, Bihar
HometownBuxar, Bihar
EducationPatna Science College, Bihar
Political PartyJanata Dal (United) (2018-2020)
Relationship StatusMarried
Net WorthRs. 37 crores

Prashant Kishor Early Life & Background:

Prashant Kishor was born in 1978 in Koran village, Rohtas district, Bihar. Raised in Buxar, Bihar, his early years laid the foundation for a journey that would intertwine with the complex fabric of Indian politics.

Prashant Kishor Measurements:

Standing at approximately 175 cm (5′ 9″), Prashant Kishor carries a distinct presence. With black eyes and matching hair, his demeanor reflects a mix of confidence and determination.

Height175 cm (5′ 9″)
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack

Prashant Kishor Education Qualification:

Prashant pursued his education at a government school in Bihar and later attended Patna Science College, Bihar. His academic pursuits took an unexpected turn, leading him from the realm of public health expertise to the intricate world of Indian politics.

SchoolGovernment school in Bihar
College/UniversityPatna Science College, Bihar
QualificationNot specified

Prashant Kishor Family Background:

Born to Shrikanth Pande, a doctor, Prashant Kishor’s family background provides insights into his roots. His decision to venture into politics added a new dimension to the family’s narrative.

FatherShrikanth Pande (doctor)
MotherNot Known
Relationship StatusMarried
SpouseJahnavi Das (doctor)

Prashant Kishor Relationship Status:

In the realm of personal life, Prashant is married to Jahnavi Das, a fellow doctor, and together they have a son named Daibik. This personal backdrop offers a glimpse into the man beyond the political strategist.

Prashant Kishor is a married man, devoted to his wife Jahnavi Das. Their union adds a personal touch to the public persona of the political strategist.

Prashant Kishor Net Worth:

As a seasoned political strategist, Prashant Kishor has amassed a noteworthy net worth of Rs. 37 crores. His strategic contributions to various political campaigns have not only earned him recognition but also financial success.

Prashant Kishor Controversy:

Prashant Kishor’s political journey has been punctuated by a notable controversy that stirred discussions and drew attention to his strategic choices.

  • Controversial Services Offered to Trinamool Congress (TMC):

In 2019, Prashant Kishor raised eyebrows when he offered his services as a poll strategist to Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress for the 2021 West Bengal assembly polls. What made this move particularly contentious was that, at the time, Prashant was still associated with JD(U). This raised questions about loyalty and the ethical considerations of extending strategic support to a rival party.

This decision sparked criticism, especially from Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who belonged to JD(U). Nitish Kumar, in an interview, distanced the party from Prashant’s activities in West Bengal, stating, “We have nothing to do with his activities in West Bengal. We do not even know what type of services his company will be provided in the neighboring state.”

Prashant Kishor defended his actions, asserting his commitment to offering strategic expertise across party lines. This controversy not only showcased the complexities of political affiliations but also highlighted Prashant’s bold and unconventional approach to his role as a political strategist.

  • Praise for Narendra Modi Amidst Trinamool Congress Campaign:

In 2021, Prashant Kishor found himself in the midst of another controversy when an audio clip surfaced in which he praised both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. The audio emerged during Prashant’s tenure as a political strategist for Trinamool Congress in the 2021 West Bengal assembly polls.

Amit Malviya, the head of BJP’s IT Cell, shared the audio clip, leading to a public discourse. In response, Prashant Kishor defended himself, highlighting that the comments were made in a specific context. He took to social media, stating, “I am glad BJP is taking my chat more seriously than words of their own leaders!? They should show courage & share the full chat instead of getting excited with selective use of parts of it.”

This controversy underscored the challenges of navigating political landscapes, where statements and actions can be dissected and used strategically by various stakeholders. Prashant’s robust response showcased his resilience in the face of scrutiny.

Prashant Kishor Career Beginnings:

Prashant’s career trajectory is marked by strategic brilliance and diverse political engagements. From managing Narendra Modi’s campaign in 2011 to founding Citizens for Accountable Governance (CAG) in 2014, his influence spans across party lines. His success in the 2015 Bihar Legislative Assembly election and subsequent campaigns for various parties showcase his adaptability and impact.

Early Stints and Rise to Prominence: Before delving into the political arena, Prashant Kishor worked as a public health expert at the United Nations in the United States for eight years. His transition into Indian politics began in 2011 when he managed the campaign for Narendra Modi, who subsequently became the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

In 2014, Prashant founded Citizens for Accountable Governance (CAG), a campaign group that played a pivotal role in the BJP’s success in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. However, differences with Amit Shah led him to part ways with the party.

Campaigning Successes and Setbacks: Prashant renamed his group to the Indian Political Action Committee (I-PAC) in 2015. He worked with Nitish Kumar’s JD(U) in the 2015 Bihar Legislative Assembly election, securing victory. Subsequent campaigns for Congress in Punjab were also successful, but his stint with the party in Uttar Pradesh faced criticism due to BJP’s overwhelming win.

In 2017, Prashant became a political advisor to the Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Congress Party, contributing to their significant victory in the Andhra Pradesh Assembly Elections. His prowess was further demonstrated in the 2020 Delhi Legislative Assembly election, where he served as the election strategist for the Aam Aadmi Party, securing 62 out of 70 seats.

Diverse Engagements and Strategic Decisions: Prashant’s involvement in politics extended beyond party lines. In 2020, he committed to speeches for the Baat Bihar Ki campaign, focusing on raising awareness about developments in Bihar. He continued to make strategic contributions, including serving as a political strategist for the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam in the 2021 Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly election and the All India Trinamool Congress in the 2021 West Bengal Legislative Assembly election.

Political Speculations and Declines: Despite joining JD(U) in 2018, speculations about Prashant contesting in the 2020 Bihar General Elections arose. However, he clarified that his focus was on election management rather than seeking office.

In 2022, Prashant declined an offer from Congress president Sonia Gandhi to join the party for the 2024 general elections. In a tweet, he emphasized the need for leadership and collective will to address deep-rooted structural problems.

Prashant Kishor Social Media:

InstagramClick Here
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Prashant Kishor News:

Recent developments in Prashant Kishor’s journey include his resignation from the role of principal advisor to Punjab’s Chief Minister Amarinder Singh in 2021. Despite stepping back from active political roles, Prashant remains a subject of interest, with speculations about his future engagements.

Prashant Kishor Facts:

  • Before entering politics, Prashant Kishor served as a public health expert at the United Nations in the United States for eight years.
  • In 2014, he declined an offer from Prime Minister Narendra Modi for a minister of state position in the PMO, citing differences with Amit Shah.
  • Prashant’s campaign group, Citizens for Accountable Governance (CAG), evolved into the Indian Political Action Committee (I-PAC) in 2015.
  • Despite being associated with BJP and JD(U), Prashant Kishor has maintained openness to work with any political party in India.


Prashant Kishor’s journey from a public health expert to a political strategist mirrors the dynamic nature of Indian politics. His strategic brilliance, controversies, and impactful contributions to various campaigns have cemented his position as a significant player in the political arena. As he navigates through personal and professional transitions, the story of Prashant Kishor continues to captivate the attention of those observing the ever-evolving landscape of Indian politics.

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Why Prashant Kishor Left BJP?

Prashant Kishor parted ways with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) due to differences with Amit Shah, the party’s senior leader. Despite his success in managing campaigns, these disagreements led to his exit from the party in 2014.

Prashant Kishor Fees For TMC?

The exact fees Prashant Kishor charges for his services with the Trinamool Congress (TMC) is not publicly disclosed. Such details often remain confidential in the realm of political consultancy.

Who is Prashant Kishor biography?

Prashant Kishor is a political strategist and tactician known for his impactful role in Indian politics. Born in the Konar village of Rohtas district, he later moved to Buxar, Bihar. Married to Jahnavi Das, a physician from Guwahati, Assam, they have a son.

Where was Prashant Kishor born?

Prashant Kishor was born in the Konar village, Sasaram, which is part of Rohtas district in Bihar. The district later became two separate districts: Bhojpur and Rohtas.

Who is the father of Prashant Kishor?

Prashant Kishor’s father is Shrikant Pandey.

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